Our graduate service is designed for graduates looking for their first step into the world of work.  And we know that the first steps to success is channelling your best efforts in the right direction: matching exactly what the employer is seeking. 

What do we offer?

Coaching for Interview can help you through each stage of the recruitment and selection process.

We can:

  • Help you understand job and person specifications 
  • Coach you in matching your CV specifically to the job vacancy
  • Offer techniques for writing relevant supporting statements and covering letter 
  • Guide and provide knowledge on competencies and competency based interviews
  • Provide tools and tips to ensure you can effectively demonstrate your skills
  • Practice and refine your interview performance 

Mandarin your first language?

We offer a service designed specifically for Mandarin speakers.  We can help you understand what is being asked and how to prepare for interviews.

Coaching for Interview can help you prepare for each stage of the process and give you the edge over the competition.


A typical session will last 1.5 hours and starts at £100.


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